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AI and digitalization in logistics

Get the expertise that will take you further!

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The hands-on workshop series from Cosgroup and culturehack with lots of practical experience and logistics expertise for ambitious entrepreneurs, managing directors and anyone, who wants to make a difference in logistics.

What can you expect?

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Digitalization clarity - Clarity about what digitalization and AI mean for you and your logistics company.

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Logistics practice - Lots of logistics practice from practitioners for practitioners.

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Know-how boost - A powerful know-how boost for you and your company.

What are the topics?

  • What digitalization is - and what it is not.

  • How to successfully navigate the digitalization tsunami.

  • How to win new customers through digitalization.

  • How to optimize business models and processes.

  • How to reduce costs and increase quality.

  • How management roles are changing due to digitalization.

  • How employees gain digital skills.

  • How AI can offer real added value.

What does the day look like?

Icon Digitalisierung im Klartext

Digitization in plain language - How to create a map for logistics from blockchain to virtual reality.

Icon Ziele Digitalisierung

Digitalization goals - How to combine digitalization goals and implementation (including practical exercises).

Icon Certified Workshop
Icon KI in der Logistik

AI in logistics - How to try out concrete applications for the logistics industry on your own notebook (incl. practical exercises).

Icon Förderungen Digitalisierung

Digitalization subsidies - What subsidies are available and how to apply for them for the logistics industry.

Icon Umsetzungen Digitalisierung

Implementing digitalization - How to implement digitalization projects successfully and efficiently.

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Suitable for full-time & part-time employees.


Available in full-day and half-day formats.

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Customization of content according to your needs.

Easy to start:

No prior technical knowledge required.

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Easy access:

Face-to-face and online workshops.


Workshops in English or German.

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Eligible for funding:

Fulfills the requirements for ÖCERT funding.

Who is on the workshop team?

Foto von Helmut Prenner - Logistik-Praktiker


Logistics practitioner & owner Cosgroup

Foto von Christoph Kral - Digitalisierungsexperte


Digitalization practitioner & owner culturehack

Take the next step towards your successful future!

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