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Mit 10 einfachen Schritte zur KMU Digital Förderung

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

A step-by-step guide on how to apply for your KMU Digital grant in 10 easy steps.

Checklist for required information

To submit a funding application to SME Digital, you need (as of July 2022) the following documents and information about your company:

  • Are you an SME according to the EU definition?

  • Is your company registered in the company register?

  • What is the company register code number (KUR) according to the company service portal? (see also

  • Where is the legal domicile of your company?

  • Is your company a member of a chamber of commerce and, if so, of which chamber?

  • What is the main activity of your company?

  • What is the main industry of your company according to the ÖNACE Code?

  • Who is the contact person in the company in case of questions from the subsidy office?

  • How many employees do you have in your company (female/male/divers/total)?

  • Have you already applied for other subsidies on this topic?

  • What was the turnover in the last full business year?

  • Have you received any subsidies that are subject to the EU de minimis regulation?

You can also find more information and explanations about KMU Digital on the official website at

The 10 steps to KMU Digital funding

01 - Open AWS Fördermanager

Open the AWS Grant Manager web page at

Anleitung AWS Fördermanager öffnen

02 - Create AWS login

Register with the AWS Grant Manager, enter your company information and confirm the registration email sent by AWS.

If you do not receive an email, please check to see if it may have landed in your SPAM folder.

Anleitung AWS Zugang erstellen

03 - Login at AWS Fördermanager website

Log in to the AWS Grant Manager with your email address and the password of your choice.

Anleitung Auf der AWS Fördermanager Webseite anmelden

04 - Create new application

Click on the "Neuen Antrag anlegen" button to create a funding application for KMU DIGITAL.

Anleitung Neuen Antrag anlegen

05 - Select Modul Beratung

Enter the term "KMU DIGITAL" in the Search field above to see the available KMU DIGITAL grants. Select "KMU DIGITAL - Modul Beratung".

Please note that you can only apply for a KMU Digital implementation grant after you have completed your KMU Digital consulting!

Anleitung Modul Beratung auswählen

06 - Provide grant applicant information

Click on the "1 Förderungswerber" item in the menu on the left and fill out the requested company information. If you are still missing information at this point, you can add it at a later time. Then click on the "Speichern & Weiter" button on the right.

Anleitung FörderwerberInnen Informationen angeben

07 - Provide information on other promotions

On this page, confirm any other funding you may have applied for from other funding agencies. Then click on "Speichern & Weiter".

Anleitung Informationen zu weiteren Förderungen angeben

08 - Select desired funding

Specify the desired funding on this page. It is best to start with a status and potential analysis (Status- und Potentialanalyse).

I can assist you with:

  • Tool PA1: Geschäftsmodelle und Prozesse

  • Tool PA3: IT- und Cybersecurity

In the strategy area I can support you with:

  • Tool SB1: Geschäftsmodelle und Prozesse

  • Tool SB3: IT- und Cybersecurity

  • Tool SB4: Digitale Verwaltung

Then click on "Speichern & Weiter".

Anleitung Gewünschte Förderung auswählen

09 - Select a consultant

Enter the name of your certified consultant in the "Erfassung Beraterin/Berater" field and confirm the choice. If you select Christoph Kral, I will be pleased. I have the necessary certifications. Check that you are presented with the correct information in the "Ausgewählter Berater" field. Then click on "Speichern & Weiter".

Anleitung BeraterIn auswählen

10 - Confirm input and send request

Confirm the general statements, consents and take note of the conditions. Then click "Speichern & Weiter" to review your application and add any missing information. Then Submit (Senden) your application for processing by AWS.

Anleitung Eingaben bestätigen und Antrag absenden

Do you have any further questions or need support in submitting your KMU Digital grant?


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