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Das Executive Performance Program Team mit Jürgen Spitzbauer, Lisa Sophie Thoma und Christoph Kral.

Shaping the future,

Starting today

Unleash your true leadership potential!


Icon Leadership neu definiert.

Leadership redefined:
Be a pioneer, not a follower!

Unlock exclusive insights from field-tested intelligence and network with leaders to make the right decisions that set trends.

Icon Leistung durch Leidenschaft

Performance through passion:
How your mindset shapes the world!

Use groundbreaking findings from neuropsychology to break performance boundaries and realize your true goals.

Icon Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself:
Build your brand, create your future!


Use the power of personal branding to make yourself indispensable in your field and leave a lasting impression.

Icon Innovation durch Inspiration

Innovation through inspiration:
Navigate the digital storm with confidence!

Learn the art of creating a foundation of stability in the midst of digital change that drives your team to peak performance.


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Icon Executive Performance Summit

Executive Performance Summit

Premium conference with motivating insights and a top-class program.

Icon Praxisnahe Live Workshops

Practice-oriented Live Workshops

Interactive workshops, perfectly tailored to your needs.

Icon Community & Networking

Community & Networking

Establish valuable contacts that promote mutual growth.

Icon Online & Persönlich

Online & Personal

Take advantage of your unique opportunity for direct exchange and individual support.

Icon Executive Academy Platform

Executive Academy Platform

Gain a leading edge advantage through simply explained specialist knowledge.

Icon Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted

Experience personal growth by transcending your own boundaries.

Icon Executive Excellence Sessions

Executive Excellence Sessions

Achieve personal development milestones through customized coaching.

Getting started

Icon Bronze Services


6 Month program

Step 1:

Arrange initial consultation

Icon Silber Services


12 Month program

Step 2:

Choose right program

Icon Gold Services


24 Month program

Step 3:

Enjoy the benefits

About us

Meet the power trio of our Executive Performance Program: Lisa Sophie ThomaChristoph Kral and Jürgen Spitzbauer.

With expertise ranging from social media and branding to leadership in the digital age and sales enablement,

together they will unlock the doors to comprehensive strategies for current and future leadership roles.

Their mission is to inspire leaders to unleash their full potential, to actively shape the future and to do what they are passionate about.

Through a mix of leadership, neuropsychology and innovative sales practices, their customized programs provide immediately applicable knowledge and tools for the real world.

SThey create an environment that promotes individual development and collective growth. Their community supports the exchange of experiences and successes. Their “Business & Beyond” approach focuses on workshops that allow executives to grow through shared challenges.

Together they provide a platform that enables executives to transform their leadership, branding and sales skills by combining the best of theory and practice and

help unleash the momentum of success.

Executive Performance Program Team Lisa Sophie Thoma, Christoph Kral und Jürgen Spitzbauer

Take the next step towards your successful future!

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