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KMU Digital

Do you want to successfully master the digital transformation for your SME?

Receive up to 80% funding for your projects

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What does KMU Digital offer?

Analysis of Potential

Identify and prioritize the opportunities of digitalization for your business.

The costs of EUR 500,- (excl. VAT) are subsidized to 80%.
(= EUR 400,- subsidy)

Strategy Consulting

Develop a strategy for achieving your business goals through digitalization.

The costs of EUR 2.000,- (excl. VAT) are subsidized to 50%.
(= EUR 1.000,- subsidy)


Implementation Grant

Accompany your company's digitization projects during their implementation.

The grant amounts to max. 30% of the eligible costs.
(max. EUR 6.000,-)

The potential analysis or strategy consultation is a prerequisite for applying for implementation funding!

What topics does KMU Digital support?

Business models & Processes

Analysis of digital trends, opportunities and risks for your own company.

Develop a structured overview and a general plan for a possible implementation.

IT- & Cybersecurity

Analysis of security weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.


Development of concrete actions against data loss and for improved data protection.

E-Commerce & Online-Marketing

Analysis of e-commerce activities.

Identification of concrete options for action and improvement using an audit catalog.

Digitale Governance

Analysis of the administrative processes within the organization, with customers, suppliers and the public administration.

Development of concrete options for automation.

How can you apply for KMU Digital?

5 simple steps to KMU Digital funding ...

Submit your funding request

Submit a KMU Digital grant application via the AWS Grant Manager at

We have developed a step-by-step tutorial for you on how to apply.

Await reservation confirmation

You will receive an email from the funding agency confirming your reservation for the funding. The confirmation is valid for 2 months from the date of issue.

After you have received the confirmation make an appointment with the your preferred consultant.


Carry out the KMU Digital consulting

The KMU Digital consulting can be carried out on-site at the company, as well as online.

You will then receive a report with the results of the consultation, which you will need for the payment of the grant.


Submit settlement documents

You must submit the settlement documents within 60 days of the grant reservation commitment in the AWS Grant Manager at

This includes:

  • The consluting invoice incl. the project number

  • The proof of payment

  • The consulting report

Receiving grant payment

You will receive the KMU Digital grant money transferred to the company account you specified after successful verification of the documents.

Do you have further questions regarding KMU Digital?

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